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Located in Littlehampton, LOOP Watersports is a watersports centre providing top quality tuition and hire services of all the newest equipment from all the worldwide leading brands in the industry. Founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic, LOOP aims to encourage people to learn a new sport or develop existing skills as well as create a place visitors can socialise and become part of a community. After discovering how busy the watersports industry was last year, LOOP founder Liam Dredge came together with James Hoare who had an exciting project idea - The Beach Company. Set to open in Spring 2021, The Beach @ Littlehampton (part of The Beach Company) is a brand-new café built on the seafront of Littlehampton and will work alongside LOOP in forming an active social space people can enjoy with family or friends.


LOOP is also partnering up with worldwide leading kitesurf magazine IKSURF Mag in offering the first official UK Kitesurf Test Centre. LOOP and the IKSURF Mag will work together in giving you a chance to test the latest equipment from all the worldwide leading brands and read reviews first hand from our instructors - a service you wouldn't find anywhere else! Want to find out more? Our IKSURFMAG Test Centre page will tell you everything you need to know.

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1 venue for 1 community, facilitating activities leading to fitter healthy bodies and minds. The new “local”- a sanctuary for all.

The Beach @ Littlehampton is a new purpose built socially conscious, family orientated café and activity venue. Unlike other cafes it is part of The Beach Company which support and facilitate local groups within the larger community. With a focus on physical and mental activation. Loop Watersports will work alongside The Beach Company in providing a social hub where locals and visitors can congregate, taking advantage of the facilities and educating themselves on what the local area has to offer.

The Beach Cafe will offer eat in and takeaway facilities with menus inspired by their values of community and sharing. 

To find out more information about The Beach Company, please visit their website by clicking below!


Here at LOOP we want to encourage people to spend time on the water and enjoy what the UK conditions have to offer. Our team know from previous experience it can be quite intimidating trying new spots. Will there be other people to launch and land kitesurfers? Are there lifeguards on the beach? Do you need a membership to kite there? These are all factors that you might consider before heading down. 

It's important to us that we create a place that is open to everyone. Some things to consider with us at LOOP are...

- NO membership needed to kitesurf

- If you choose to become a member there will be additional perks such as a launch and land service. (Membership scheme coming soon)

- Plenty of other activities for you and your family to enjoy. Click here for more information.

- A friendly team who are fully trained 

- The Beach Company cafe to enjoy food and drink pre/post session

- Daily hire